Thursday, June 22, 2006

Surviving the more ways than one.

The Kids Camp that I do every year is now over for the summer! Hallelujah! That crazy time is over and life will calm down - if only briefly.

Luke was voted as the most improved boy by the high school "staff" and it was great! He got what he called "his first real trophy." Chad was gone and not able to attend, and he kept calling and calling his dad. He now has Chad's cell phone number memorized. Luke said, "He's gonna be happier than he has ever been!" He is so proud. So the piano has a new ornament on top! Luke moved stuff over and gave the trophy a new home. He ran up on stage to accept his award, and he was sooooo happy!

It made my day! Not only because he takes an interest in something so special to me (music and performing)...but because he did so well this week that the kids recognized him. (He was up against 6 other nominated kids...)

Even if he wouldn't have gotten an award, I would have been proud of him, but this was a great end to the week of camp! It's always a HUGE amount of work, but at the end, I always look back with fondness...

On an other note, the REAL excitement of the day was the HUGE storm that happened as many of the kids working my camp were waiting for their parents to pick them up. It had 80 mph winds. NASTY! It tore the roof off and blew out the sides of the bus barn right outside the performing arts center at our school, so of course, we all watched that happened. That was crazy. Since Luke was with me, it made him pretty anxious.

The next thing I knew, the assistant principal was on the p.a. saying to seek shelter if there was anyone in the building (by this time it SHOULD have been just employees because summer school hours were over and my kids, like I said, were waiting on rides). So since they didn't realize we were still in the building, I told them we would head to the front so that if something major did happen, they would know where we we started the 8 mile trek (well, it's long - but not that long) to the front office. We were met by a few custodial people and the assistant principal who was screaming at us to take cover....get in that restroom. Sit near the wall! Cover your heads! Of course, that sent Luke in to hysterics. One person with me was a parent who literally almost could not walk in to the building. When he had gotten there for his two kids, he decided to take cover inside the building. This was the same time the barn was being damaged. When he opened the door (which was near impossible), it felt like a sand storm. Instantly all of us standing there couldn't see because of the debris and dust in our eyes. It was rather exciting. Surprisingly, I stayed REALLY calm. Almost eerily calm. I think it was because I was "in charge" of those kids and my son was so upset. When we got in the restroom, I sat him on my lap on the floor and held him. While we waited, I let him play Garfield bowling on my cell phone (which was a great $3.99 investment), and that helped him. It occupied him while he had to sit so still and wait, and he didn't mind me holding him tightly and covering his head with myself and arms. All in all, the assistant principal was probably a little over -reactive, but who is to say that I wouldn't have been if Luke wouldn't have been there and I was in charge and I didn't know who all was in the building....It made for good stories and memories, though. Huddled in one women's restroom. At least it's over.

Now Friday? RELAXATION (I hope) before VBS next week. Then it's off to Maryland! YAY!


Dan & Angie said...

It's too flat in Greentown - it's like a playground for tornadoes!

Glad you weathered the storm! ha ha - the pun is definitely the lowest form of humor.

worshipful1 said...

I know...and we trim our trees around power lines....something you Michiganders don't understand...but using a hand for a map ? You've got that nailed! "Dohn't ya?" hehe!

Every region has its thing. Some have fires, some have hurricanes, some have tornadoes....earthquakes, volcanoes, there is NO place without some form of lurking natural disaster. :)