Sunday, June 11, 2006

Brand New!!

OK, remember how a while back, I wrote on here about a friend and I wanted you to ASK me if I had called her and invited her out to church and whatnot??

Well, today she showed up at my house! She stopped by to tell me that this week she had quit drinking, smoking, and had also rededicated her life to Christ! WOW!!!!!!!! I am really excited about it, as I should be, and as the angels are as well!!!

So pray for M. She is in a very vulnerable spot with the cold-turkey quits! But she is headed in the right direction!! Her parents are also a great support system for her! The next step is to get her plugged I can't do that at her parent's church. So either pray that she will visit mine and like it so I can help her...or pray that her preacher (she seems bored with him...) or someone at that church will help her get plugged in.
She said the hardest part is having to find "new friends" - she still cares about those she has been hanging out with, but she knows their influence isn't the best. I'm flattered that she would come to me and Chad. It makes me feel like we have done something right along the way!
Praise the Lord! She's a brand new girl!!! (Oh. I guess we're old enough to be brand new women, huh? )

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Dan & Angie said...

That's REALLY great Michelle - God is good!