Saturday, June 17, 2006

Busy days....

Well, besides the fact that my house is a disaster area, I have the biggest week all summer coming up for me. Granted, it's not as busy as a normal week during the school year, but any disruption to the laziness of summer makes my head spin slightly. I always have done a camp for one week in the summer. Last week I spent three days at the school preparing. Next week, we have 4 days of camp and then a concert Thursday evening with an award ceremony. This means the kids have to get up early, which means I have to make sure they are in bed and ASLEEP at a decent time. Daylight Savings has been messing with them.
And I have a big weekend as well. This morning was a rehearsal at church (which 2 people - 1 being me) came to. SOOOOO when all is said and done, I will have made up practice time with people and rehearsed Sunday's worship 3 times before we do it in the two services on Sunday. By that last time, I should probably have things memorized.

Luke had his last (hoooooooraaaay) T-Ball game today in the scorching sun, and he did GREAT! He hit both times (which I missed the first one because the twins wanted the "sheshession stand" and it took about 3 years in line and then another year to walk back because they didn't want to spill their drinks. (ugh) So, I managed to see the second time Luke hit, which was good. He really hits well! BUT the highlight was that he actually got someone out at 1st! In T-ball, this is almost unheard of. The crowd roared, and he was so proud! :) It was great! I mean, I still hate baseball, but it was really neat to see how proud he was of himself, and rightly so.

So after the game, we get home to our disaster we call home. Chad starts yard work , and I begin cleaning the kitchen. I'm pooped. Thankfully, it's pretty much done. I just can not consider it clean yet because of all the laundry in there still lurking...waiting to be finished....I truly believe that I will die doing laundry.

Now, I am waiting for them to go to sleep because Chad has come inside and fallen asleep with the baby. When they go to sleep, I will be off to practice for the 2nd but not last time for tomorrow's service. I REALLY LOVE doing the music there, don't get me wrong! It's been one of the most satisfying things I have ever been a part of - I feel complete after serving, and I love it. However, it's a little irritating that I have to change and add to my already-booked weekend because someone else didn't show up.

Oh well. I will get over it. I'm not as upset about going to rehearse as I am that my husband gets upset that I have to do more than planned, as if I called them all and said, "Hey...don't show up. I want to change plans and anger my husband today."

After camp week at school, then it's VBS. I'm excited about it. My kids are going to LOVE the superhero theme they are doing this year. Then...the next week, it's VACATIONING with my family in Maryland.... We're really excited about going to see Todd and Micah!

Have a good weekend if I'm not on here again for a while. God bless!

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