Friday, June 09, 2006

King Kong and Stanley

The hamster we call King Kong got loose tonight...while we were gone. It took a while, but Chad found him and returned him to the cage. One of the kids left one of the openings open....they, of course, blamed the baby....

I'm SOOOO glad that Chad found it. I don't think I could sleep if he didn't. And so's a good thing that I stayed up so late "chatting" with Russ or I never would have heard what I heard. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed that the hamster could climb up the side of the cage and literally unscrew a section of the lid to try to get out. Stanley was peeking its head out looking at me when I got to the cage after hearing the weird noises...I guess that none of the kids left that part off after all. I took the lid and pushed him back down in there. Then I freaked out just knowing they could do that! So...after "discussing" all my options with Russ via im...I decided to tape it. No tape in the house! Remembered some in the van. are a few pictures. No way they get out now!

Here's the whole cage. The hamster climbed up the left side on the wires, and literally unscrewed the part that is now taped down. Sneaky boogers!

It's a little dark...but the black stuff is the tape...and it is definitely taped up. To the point that you probably can't tell in this picture below that the lid is actually a bluish purple color.

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