Sunday, November 25, 2007


Drop everything you are doing and go buy a ticket to this A-MA-ZING movie.

Seriously, drop it.

Why are you still reading? Shouldn't you be looking up show times?

You won't be disappointed.

My #1 Movie of ALL TIME as of now.

Girl can S-I-N-G. :) Will steal your heart in about 1.5.

I think it's because I love music and I love Freddie Highmore. He's so pure, innocent. This movie had like 2 bad words. No joke. Actually, now that I think of it, I can only remember one. I'll probably own the soundtrack...and I KNOW I'll own the movie. It's so good. Don't wait for the DVD. Go. Now.

Some other movies I can't wait to see:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year

I'm sure this next month will be full of new emotions I hadn't counted feelings...but I'll work through it, I guess.

We actually put up our Christmas stuff early this year. We got in the mood last weekend. So Saturday night we got to decorate our new home for the first time. It was fun. Well, it was fun AFTER a few fiascos, but that's ok. :)

Our new Christmas tree:

My new Christmas gift, Chad bought me a fireplace! :) Of course, it's not real, but it is nice to have it. Thanks, Honey!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Apparently I'm not a girl. Imagine my surprise!

So today, Gabriel grew up in front of my eyes. He asked me why I didn't have a weener (a term Luke has brought to our household from school or his dad, I'm not sure which...). I answered that girls don't have pee pees and I am a girl. His answer? "No you're not. You're a mommy!"

Monday, November 12, 2007

Soap, Pops, and Shopping

Well, I would not advise using dish soap to "teach your children a lesson..." Last week, after several days of picking up the kids to find out that they had been been talking back and calling names such as "poopy," I decided that the previous consequences weren't quite enough. I have often used a medicine dropper full of vinegar to each them that their mouth can say ugly things, but apparently vinegar didn't make the shopping list, so dish soap it was. Now I can remember eating soap as a child. I've heard stories of many - no, countless parents who have used it. So I thought nothing of lining up Drew, Evan, and Gabriel in the kitchen and squirting the soap in their mouth. Twenty seconds later I would have a completely different viewpoint...They were vomitting everywhere in that kitchen. Twenty minutes later they were still vomiting. They didn't bend over. They didn't attempt to move to the trash can. They didn't even aim for it when I brought it to them. They just let the vomit splat all over their clothes, shoes, and the kitchen floor. So who was really punished in all this??? I think I should put vinegar back on top of the grocery list.

I popped my collar bone last Wednesday. Now pain shoots up my neck in to my left ear and around the back to the base of my head. I can hardly stand it, so tomorrow I head to the doctor. It keeps getting worse.

Despite the shore collar bone/neck/shoulder, I shopped this weekend with 22 people from church. We left Friday morning and returned Saturday night. Wanna be completely green with envy? I'm done Christmas shopping except for 3 gifts!! YAY!!!

So that should have just caught you up on the last week and a half. Have a great week.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's Saturday..that makes me a little sad.

In less than 24 hours, I'll be dreading the workweek again. ew.

Took the kids to see Bee Movie. It was not as good as I anticipated. I was sadly disappointed. There were funny one-liners and many places where the humor was for mom and dad, but I don't see what all the buzz is about. (ha. get it? um. yeah.) Okay, so that said, it was nice to leave the cleaning regimine today aside and take a break. Oh there is still more to clean, more to launder, yada yada yada, but sometimes you just have to take a break and do something with the kids for a change. So that's what I did. And everything will be fine whether it's all in its place by bedtime or not.

Also watched this movie again tonight. This picture makes the evening grand... :) Between Brad Pitt and Matthew, if they teamed up, I'd be pretty happy about it.

There. I've done it. I just made your day brighter, too. Happy weekend!