Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm going to kick myself in the morning.

Wait. It IS morning. Can't sleep. I tried. Went to bed. Turned all the "stuff" off (TV, etc.). Laid there. Decided to go to the restroom. Heard something strange. Saw Drew peeing in the trash can beside the computer. Sleep walking. Interesting. Haven't seen that before from Drew.

Cleaned it up.

Watched TV. The end of a movie. No need to watch the beginning now because I know who dies at the end.

Still can't sleep. Gotta get up at 8 AM and go to work tomorrow. I'll hate myself for this in the morning...but I can't sleep.

It's probably because of all the emotion I went through tonight in a much-needed meeting. Probably because my mind is still spinning. I should have said this....I wanted to say that....I should not have used "weak." I should have used a different word.

Bottom line? I can choose to take this information from tonight and I can choose to let God lead, or I can choose to let Satan force me to wallow in it some more. I'm choosing God.

God is in control. His ways are higher. His love is enough. No matter what, He will still be Lord of my life.


Holly said...

Peeing in the trash can? That takes the cake.

worshipful1 said...

This morning when I asked him about it, he said he peed in the toilet. When I said that he didn't, he just smiled and said, "Did my pee my pants adain (again)?"

He wouldn't believe me that he peed there....