Monday, June 19, 2006

AWESOME parenting advice...from me. And I repeat, AWESOME!

Seriously, when you are too exhausted to find out why someone has poked the other one, why the older one is screaming like a banshee (did I spell that right?), why the baby is laughing but the other three are fighting, why three boys just ran from one end of the house silently and sat without so much as a peep and when you look at them they are smiling at you on the couch suspiciously,....I find it best to just say, "Kick him back...." and then I usually follow it while that one is running away with a "Get ready, [insert name here], here it comes!"

Also, Gabriel and I went in for hair cuts last Friday. Here are the results. I love the fact that it took 5 minutes to completely dry and style. I had 8 imches cut off....there was a time when I wouldn't have even considered it...Now, I realize it looked much better this morning after I had done it, but a day at school, wrestling with 4 boys, and some hot weather later, this is the result....

I ALSO realize, Dan, that based on previous conversations in Baldwin, you DO NOT like it. :)


Anonymous said...

banchee, i think

worshipful1 said...

thanks for the anonymous spellchecker! :)

Evangelist said...

Welcome to Blogger.

Dan & Angie said...

LOVE it Michelle - quite seriously, I have no recollection of the conversation to which you're referring. hmmmmmmmm. Nope, can't remember. Love the hair though - Angie has had hers super short for quite a while now, though she's decided that it's time to grow it out.

For the two of us, we just like drastic change (we get bored easily - hence the completely shaved look for me).


worshipful1 said...

Dearest Dan,

I distinctly remember this conversation in was my sophomore year. I was just kind of getting to know you. I had had long hair for quite some time, and had also been highlighting it for a while. THEN I decided to go for that drastic change that you so often crave yourself. :)

I had it died to my natural color. I cut SEVERAL inches off. I went to Baldwin for a tasty form of chicken or a bowl of cereal, because that seems to be all they believe in besides that pasta stuff. Anyway, it was such a big change a bunch of chorale people were talking about it. You walked in. You started a conversation and completely avoided it. I THINK it was Angie who finally said something about how you hadn't noticed my hair...and you said back, "Oh I noticed, I just don't like it." ....and then something about trying to be polite by not mentioning it....

nice. really nice. :) It obviously had a big impact!

Dan & Angie said...

My most belated apologies.

Young, naive, stupid and rude.

I still have my moments ... ask Angie

Holly said...

Man do I miss you guys. I'm sitting here at 12:45 in the morning laughing my head off at you. I will remind you Michelle of your earlier proposed idea for a chorale reunion. I think it NEEDS to happen and I appoint you as chairwoman!

worshipful1 said... much responsibility! remember i do have 1 1/2 jobs and 4 kids, a farris wheel, and an alligator. my time is well spoken for. :) hehe
But I LOVE the idea of a chorale union. Let's say Europe...St Paul's everyone? Ok. Let's go with that! Say at 5 PM tomorrow. Good. Settled.
Love you too, Holly, Dan, Angie,
all my other chorale peeps! :)
Oh, and Dan, I am REALLY just giving you a hard time. No hard feelings! :)