Thursday, June 08, 2006

Petting Zoo Population Down 2

No...not the hamsters...although I injured one of them tonight... It's too difficult to explain on here.

BOTH frogs died today. We had a ceremonial flushing. As they went down the toilet, Drew said, "Bye bye, we love you, froddies!"

It was cute.

Other than that, the highlight of my day was cleaning up an overflowed toilet from Drew stuffing an entire roll of toilet paper in the bowl, and Evan flushed it multiple times until Luke came running out to me yelling and laughing, "Evan made the toilet pee everywhere!!!" Gabriel was just standing there tapping me over and over and pointing at his brothers in disgust...and wouldn't you know it? THIS week I decided to buy the triple rolls!!!!

Never a dull moment!

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