Monday, May 01, 2006

T-Ball and Fishing...It's that time of year!

I am not really looking forward to tomorrow evening. Those of you who know me know that I loathe baseball. I hate each and every aspect of it. I've even gone to Luke's t-ball practices thinking it would be better if it were my kid out there...well, it's not. Sadly, I will be spending the first of what I fear will be many in a concession stand tomorrow night. Yuck. Yickety-yuck, actually. Oh well...maybe when I see him play it will be know the pointless games where they don't keep score and "everybody wins."

Change of subject before it gets really dark...T-ball brings it out in me...and every other form of baseball/softball...just ask my husband.

It's fishing season, which means very little Chad. The good thing is that the older boys are getting to the point where they want to go and he wants to take them. That's nice. Several nights in the past two weeks, I have been able to "bond" with one or two at a time. It makes me think how close parents with two kids or less should be with their children. Sometimes because of the sheer number of them, I don't feel like I bond well with them. I rarely get the quality time that I want to with them. We're pretty busy (which should slow down significantly in about a month) and when we are home, it's like the kids compete for Mommy and Daddy's attention. It can be pretty overwhelming. I do a lot of cooking with someone sitting on my much-needed counter space. I do a lot of laundry with Gabriel trying to put things in the dryer before they are washed. I do a lot of dusting with...well, um...ok. I don't do a lot of dusting.... I clean a lot of toilet seats while giving other "chores" out to the kids. They do a lot. Probably more than many kids. They do laundry. They take out trash. They dust the house. They even sweep their room. Train 'em early, that's my motto!

I am getting better. Believe it or not, I really am not as busy as I once was. Even with the added work from the church and now 4 kids, I feel like I have more time to do some of the things I like to do now...which lately seems to be getting on the computer and blogging or checking ebay... :) Looking back, moving to the elementary position, although it was hard, was one of the best things I have ever done for my family. Chad isn't nearly as stressed. I see more of my kids, I have more time to read the Bible and get in to my walk with Christ. It's nice, I have to say...and when I was offered the high school position again a couple of weeks ago, I have to admit I felt pulled in both directions, but I am content with my decision. God knows what is best, and I think He lead me here.

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