Thursday, May 11, 2006

I promised you pictures...

THESE ARE OF LUKE (WHO STOLE THE SHOW TONIGHT, I MIGHT ADD...THE SHYNESS MAY BE RUBBING OFF...) AT PRESCHOOL GRADUATION! You've never seen a prouder row of parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.... First, we have Luke and Jillian. She's always beautiful.

This is Gabriel and Daddy...cutie, huh?

Luke and Sammy (my neice...Chad's brother's daughter)

Luke getting his's a little far away. Sorry. Darcey, my friend is the director and his teacher...well, was. Tonight is her last night...*tear*

It was a really cute night. Luke was one of the days of the week. He also was Day 7 of the Creation story. He announced to the audience: "And then He rested." It was really cute.

He just came out of his room crying that he was going to miss preschool. We discussed this, and decided that he would see his friends from class either at church or when he got to Kindergarten. He would see his teachers because most of them go to our church, and Ms. Darcey is one of Mommy's good friends. He then moved on to missing his classroom....oh the joys of parenting!

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Dan & Angie said...

Love the pictures Michelle - can't believe how big Luke has gotten. Amazing how time flies!