Sunday, May 07, 2006


What a week...what a week... Pray for me this week so that I might not go insane.

Monday: Big rehearsal with those involved in the program that night from 9 am - noon. Concert that night at 7.
Tuesday: Big rehearsal with those involved in the program that night from 9 am - noon. Concert that night at 7.
Wednesday: Luke's first t-ball game.
Thursday: Luke graduates from preschool.
Friday: Open as of right now..but that will change
Saturday: Chad wants me to go to some show...I haven't decided if I really want to yet...Maybe.

LAST NIGHT: I went to see Peter Heck and was a benefit for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Raised over $4000 for the cause. That's great! It was hilarious! Peter is so much bigger than Greentown. I don't look for him to be here forever. Peter Heck for President! We'll see. There was a couple of guys there (hence the "and friends" part of the event's title) who were helping with the evening. John Branyan was REALLY funny! If you ever have a chance to go see him, do it! He had me crying! He's a profesional comedian. The other professional was somebody with the last name Kaye. I didn't get in to him as much. But there were parts that were funny. He did a great Jack Nicholson and Mr. T. Then Nate Beals also helped Peter out! He had a great segment called Bachelor Cooking.

Last night after we went to the show, we took the kids to Long John Silvers. They had a blast being pirates. Even Gabriel was in to it. He was throwing out "args" all over the place. For a kid that doesn't talk a whole lot, anything that is recognizable makes Mommy's day! Here are some pics!

Evan and Luke as pirates...

Gabriel on his candle sniffing binge. He seems to get high from them...he walks around the house with them until we see him and take them away...then he screams.

Drew and Gabriel as pirates...

Gabriel: "ARRRRGGG"

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
Have a great week~!


Holly said...

Just sent up a little prayer for you and all the concerts. Just thinking about that stuff gives me a little panic attack! Hope it all goes great! The pics of the boys are too cute for words!

Audrey said...

soooo cute!! i like how thats my leg cut off behind gabe sniffin those candles.. hehehe. i got your kid sniffin stuff... ;)

worshipful1 said...

Thanks, Holly. I survived. Luke's first tball game tonight was rained out, so I have been doing absolutely nothing. I'll HAVE to do laundry in a little bit, but the lounging has been nice.

Anonymous said...

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