Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Raising Boys Part Deux

I have received several additions to my previous posts. Some of which made me cough and sputter and laugh tears. So here they are. Enjoy.

29.) Moles and aquariums don't mix.
30.) Trampolines and pools don't go well together either even if preteens think so.
31.) Rocks do not normally make it over a house when thrown. Usually they end up going through your living room window or plugging up the gutters.
32.) The control for your electric train set will make your hands go numb, if you touch your fingers to the leads.
33.) Toilet paper does melt and plug up a sink drain when water is added.
34.) Putting plastic lawn chairs in the pool to sit on makes holes in the liner.
35.) Shark hunting with a metal rod in the swimming pool also makes holes in the liner. (You don't catch many sharks either. )
36.) Eating 15-20 White Castle hamburgers in rapid succession makes you vomit.
37.) Putting a napkin that is on fire into a full trash can makes mom and dad very angry.
38.) Calling 911 and hanging up while your mom is in the shower can cause family strife. (Response time 2 minutes)
39.) Almost any toy can be used to disassemble any household item.
40.) Feminine pads can be worn around the neck. (It is really special if you have company.)
41.) A small boy can ingest deodorant, Comet cleanser, toilet water, various plants, mineral spirits, and even a dead baby toad (he didn't swallow), and suffer no ill effects whatsoever!


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