Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2.5 hours of my life that I'll never get back

Two words: CONCESSION STAND *sigh*

Well...it wasn't ALL bad (besides the insane amount of time there...I literally thought I'd be in and out in an hour. Um, no.) I worked with one of my better friends from high school whom I don't see much, so that was a plus. The people working weren't bad. One lady used to go to my church. Chad was working the fried foods and other assorted processed-cheese-topped dishes. I was manning one of the windows. At one point I was nearly in tears laughing at myself... Here's the story.

I guy that I was friends with in high school has 3 kids now (2 are twins). One of the twins came to the window and said she would like a large coke, but Mike was not there to pay yet. So after trying to stall her unsuccessfully, I finally decided that there would be little harm in going ahead and asking the high schooler in charge of drinks to go ahead and make it. She sat the large coke in front of me, but back inside the window far enough that the girl could not take it until I moved it forward. It took quite a while for Mike to come to the window. His kids had been to my window an endless amount of times. I think this was supper, and I'm sure they got whatever they wanted when they were up there, but I didn't just want to hand over a drink when I hadn't even seen him come around the corner. The little girl kept saying he had gotten stopped to talk to a friend, and knowing Mike, this was absolutely true. He's a great guy who doesn't know a stranger.

My son, Luke, had gotten bored sitting with his cousin Sammy and her friend Lily, and he had begged me to come help. Knowing how much Luke loves to please, I knew that he would be a good runner for the things he could reach, and he listens pretty well when the other boys are not there to distract him. I often have taken him to school functions with me, where he is a perfect gentleman. He was running around helping Chad get things to cook, delivering bags of popcorn to me and Cherie (other friend at the other window)....keeping really busy, actually.

In the mean time, there waits Mike's daughter. Still no Mike. As I'm talking to her to try to keep her on a different subject so she forgets why she is there, apparently I have forgotten, too, because when I thought I was picking up my free diet coke for working there, I had actually picked up her coke. They were sitting right beside each other. I took a drink and thought, "What's wrong with this? My teeth feel fuzzy." (I HATE regular Coke because of that fuzzy-toothed feeling...) Then it hits me. I've taken a drink of her coke. CRAP! So I put it on the counter behind me and say to Luke that he can have that one while I try to contain my laughter so the little girl won't realize what has happened. I'm in the process of telling the high schooler that I'm going to need another coke. When I turn around to hand the girl her new coke because her soon-to-be stepmom (I think) is ready to pay I realize that the stepmom has the new one but the girl is drinking one as well. The mom sees this, too. She says, "Oh wait. This is not hers." Luke chimes in with, "I gave her this one sitting on the counter." Well, now I can hardly contain myself. The mom is trying to give me the new one back so her daughter won't be drinking what she is assuming is my son's drink. I'm trying to convince her that it really is no big deal and that she should take the new one, all the while, tears are rolling down my cheeks. I know that lady thinks I'm a basket case. Luke was so confused.

Well..that was the highlight. If you found it funny, then good...if it's coming across as one of those "you-had-to-be-theres" then sorry you are still reading, cause that's all I got. :)

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