Saturday, May 27, 2006


At the risk of being negative, let me just say that my first experience camping was horrific.

It was definitely short lived. I don't want to be Connie Complainer, but instead, I'll try just to stick with being Ingrid Informer. Um. I joined my husband and the boys last night at a camp site. Now, I wasn't planning on staying overnight, but once darkness fell, I knew there was noooooo way on this earth that I would find my way back to Greentown...So I opted to stay over. I settled down early (like 1 AM) on the air mattress and instantly just felt sticky. I slept for about 20 minutes until one of the people who was there decided to wake me up with some odd blurbs. I can't remember what they said, who said it, or how loud it was. I just know it was enough to begin the process. I was awake (literally) all night long. I think I got 20 minutes of sleep and just when I THINK I was dozing off, the girl from the next tent came to wake me up. Now, granted, I DID ask to be woken up by 8 so I could make it home and shower and get to the church by 10. HOWEVER, I really thought they would wake me up around 7:30. NOT 4:30!!! SO...I went to the bathroom and decided why should I wait around for people to wake up just to leave? So, I took Gabriel and I got my self on out of there. I barely made it home I was so sleepy and cold and wet. When I got home, Gabriel (who had ended up in the air mattress/sleeping bag combo with me to NOT sleep all night either) and I went straight to my bed and he slept until 9:15. I was so afraid of oversleeping dispite my alarm being set that I stayed awake...dozing in and out until 9:15 ish when I showered and headed to the church. You can imagine how lovely I looked and how angelic my voice was after soooo much sleep! :)

Anyway, I am supposed to go back up tomorrow after church and sleepover until Monday. I SINCERELY dread it. I love my husband, I love my kids, but I love my air conditioned, plummed, furniturized, refrigerated house a lot too. :) No really, I'll go. But pray that I get more sleep. We have a humongous tent. (It's literally bigger than our living room and music room combined....) That's not the problem. Just pray I can sleep. And if not, I guess I can look on the bright side and realize that at least I don't have to go to school next week! I can catch up on the rest I missed. All because I am trying to do things Chad wants. How is THAT for submission? :)

And by the to Dan and Angie for giving out the new numbers, taunting us with them...just to have us give in to the temptation and call only to get BOTH your voice mails! :) HA! Have a good weekend!


Todd & Micah said...

Sounds like my first attempt at camping, only it rained all night too. Just remind Chad of this day when you want to sit down and watch a sappy movie :)

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