Monday, September 04, 2006

A-camping we will go....

It happens EVERY year. It's not like I thought I would escape the millions and billions of germs that goes with the elementary school teacher's day. And there are those teachers who won't give out hugs and freely show affection, but that's not me! I am a different person in that building. It's part of what I have grown to like about me in the past year, and the beginning of the school year has been a God'send because I have been reminded that I LIKE seeing those little guys and girls with their new shiny shoes and backpacks and haircuts for back to school! And I love that they remember me from last year and that I am not the "new" teacher there anymore. They all have rushed to say hello and hug me, and I have welcomed their embrace...and their germs.

We paid for our camp site last May. We knew all summer this day would come. Last Thursday, I went to school like any other day, and as the day progressed, I felt achy, chilly, icky...Thursday night, full-blown fever and head cold with a developing cough. I was unable to get medicine for any relief until Friday. I called in for a sub Friday morning, and slept in as long as my children allowed. I reluctantly left the comfort and familiarity of my bed and took a shower. Funny how even on days where you feel like I did last Friday, a shower REALLY helps your outlook. After the shower, I took the three youngest children to the babysitter. Why subject them to my germs? or Why be a bad mommy - I felt CRAPPY, shower or not...

Luke and I headed in to town to grab some medicine. We also got some supplies for the camping trip. I assumed that after paying all the money we paid in May, Chad would at least go...even if he left Gabriel with me. Chad called me and said I better call our friends (the camping trip was a church outing) and let them know we wouldn't be there. I wasn't about to let the money go to waste!

So I doped myself up and had a pretty decent weekend. Luke ended up with a cold, but it's really inevetible. In our house, if one gets it, at least 4 more will!

The most irritating things about the past week:
1. Buying cold medicine is almost as painstakingly tedious as buying a house. "Sign here...picture i.d......blood type....first born..." I was REALLY upset when my medicine had almost run out and Luke needed some and they almost wouldn't sell me an ADULT and a CHILDREN'S package at the same time. I about let the lady behind the counter have it! (I know it's not her fault, but this is a dumb law....all it has done is make the meth-lab-idiots drive around town and make 15 stops instead of 1...and for those of us with large families and/or children, the process has just become comparable to a visit to the dentist after just stopping by the BMV!)

2. One of the other camping families came up just for 1 night and shared our site. Their daughter brought a friend. She had recently, unbeknownst to my friends sharing the site, been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder and acid reflux disease. Well, the SAME night Luke's cold was flaring, this girl woke up 4 separate times SCREAMING in a CAMP GROUND at the top of her lungs, "HELP ME!! HELP ME!!!" over and over! One time she even tried to get in our tent. That was NOT a good night. When our friends finally called her parents, her dad told them that she had just been given those diagnoses. NICE! Here's a clue: If your son or daughter had been having trouble sleeping at night and screaming at the top of his/her lungs blood-curdling blurbs about needing help, wouldn't you at least tell the other parents if they were going to take your kid for a night??? OR (here's a thought) say NO when asked if your son or daughter could go on a camping trip???? I mean after all, it doesn't fair well in the dead of night at a CAMP GROUND of all places to hear "Help me! Help me!" from an obviously young girl's voice ringing out over the park! I was sure we were going to jail.

HOWEVER, I am getting better at this camping thing...and I am learning to appreciate the time with the family - regardless of how it's done.

Drew and Evan begin preschool tomorrow!!! They are excited! I am dressing them alike! :) I love doing that! It won't be long until Miss Tina (their teacher) will be able to tell them apart, but for the first day, let's be stinkers and dress them the same! It's part of my reward of having them, after all!


Eric and Kendra said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend if nothing else...and if I had twins, I'd dress them alike too. How fun!

Kris & Megan Hutsell said...

That's certainly a camping trip you won't forget any time soon. That girl's parents probably got the best sleep of thier lives for that one night, that's why they sent her! HA!
And yes I do believe you should get the priviledge of dressing your boys alike.