Saturday, September 16, 2006

Time for the random....

So...I think it is time for some random thoughts about the life of a Monize....

1. My dog barks for no reason. What is it about them that makes them bark when no one is at the door, no one is outside walking, no one is around at all? They can awaken from a dead sleep and bark their fool heads off...just to make you crazy.

2. My mom is a great person. She comes from great people. As far as parents and grandparents go, I come from some pretty good ones, if I do say so myself. If there was ever a time I just needed to talk to my mommy :) - today was it, and it was nice.

3. Can 30 year olds still say "mommy" and not look pathetic?

4. Israel Houghton and New Breed is my new favorite worship experience. I love it. Thank you to the great folks in Maryland for opening my eyes. I can't get enough....

5. I love working for my church. I think aside from being a part of my children's laughter, it is the greatest thing I have ever done. Even when it's a struggle and people frustrate you, and even when I feel inadequate or frustrated, it is the single-most amazing thing I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.

6. If you ever have a birthday party at Hacienda, I HIGHLY recommend the birthday cake. It's a chocolate mousse/cake/thing...whatever it was, it was YUMMY.

7. I love Lori. She's like one of the best friends ever. I wish she was around here....I like the way she always makes me feel like I have not been forgotten.

8. As far as service departments go, I cannot -with good conscience - recommend Best Buy. Sorry....HOWEVER, their technician, George - a balding, pushing-50, jolly man - is one the nicest and sincere people I have met...the people on the phone??? I could do without.

9. Sitting alone in the dark sounds creepy...but it is truly therapeutic.

10. My favorite book of the Bible is probably Proverbs or Psalms. It's a toss-up.

11. Grey's Anatomy season premiere is Thursday...that will be nice. Lost is coming soon! That will be fantastic.

12. I think my favorite superhero is Batman. Me and Drew are two peas in a pod.

13. Gabriel is pleasant. He's happy. He's goofy. He's wonderful. He's a great gift. Who knew that a pregnancy that was met with so much worry and anxiety could bring such a beautiful and wonderful little boy? He was appropriately named.

14. Luke is so tender. He is being bullied by a classmate at kindergarten, and when I ask him why he doesn't ask the classmate to stop pulling his pants down and kicking him between the legs and calling him a "doofus," he says it's because he doesn't want to be mean....he just walks away. I think I could learn from his self-control.

15. Evan is non-stop. That's really all I can say about this season in his life. It's not as if he is overactive. He's just non-stop. Well, his MOUTH is...he talks constantly. And if there is nothing to say, he starts repeating what others around him are saying...just to be saying something. Here comes the ol' "X-in-the-'refrains-from-needless-talking'-box" - he's a chip off the ol' me.

16. Chad's a good daddy. He has found a lot of ways to spend time with his boys this summer, and I have been impressed with his new-found patience.

17. Gabriel is not asleep. He's been in his bed quietly listening to Israel Houghton with me from his room...every once in a while, I hear him try to mimic the song or coo something. It's been more than an hour.

18. Some really cool lyrics, you ask? I just so happen to be listening to a very cool you go...

I'm not a man/ I cannot lie/ I know the plans for your life/ I'm asking you to dream again/ To believe again and take the limits off of Me/ I'm not a man/ I cannot lie/ I know the plans/ They're My design/ I'm asking you to hope again/ And trust again and take the limits off of Me/ All I'm asking is take the limits off/ Take the limits off/ Release Me to accomplish what I promised to do/ Take the limits off/ Take the limits off/ No limits/ No boundaries/ I see increase all around me/ Stretch forth break forth/ Release me/ Enlarge my territory/ Ask for rain it's time for rain/ Ask for favor/ My favor is falling....

19. Is there anything too difficult for the Lord? You will have increase...that job is not too hard, that building is not too hard, that promise that God gave you years ago is not too hard. What God promsed? It's mine. What God said? It's mine. This is the season of increase....It's a new day!


TheGaffords said...

Boy, when you said random, you really meant it! I have to say, Michelle, I love hearing (or reading, really) you talk about your kids. I really appreciate how you're always learning lessons from your children.

Kris & Megan Hutsell said...

How do you cope with other kids being mean to your own? I don't know what to do when these kids say and do mean things to my kids. Please tell Luke that we think he is such brave young man for having the courage to walk away.
In the meantime, I'm going to check out that CD.
I'm glad things are looking up.

Eric and Kendra said...

You must have more self-control than you know, because I would probably be at the school ready to retaliate. LOL The things your wrote about your kids were beautiful! You are obviously a great mommy...and YES, it is okay to be 30 and still call your mom "Mommy." I do it all the time.

gracesown said...

Not to say "I told you so!" but...I believe that I was the one who, when asked on an internet sight which name would be best for the fourth Monize boy, said that GABRIEL was the best name. I believed then that Gabriel would be a blessing from God with good news for your life, just like the angel Gabriel carried the good news of Christ's birth. He is a blessing.

As for this thing at will take everything within me to let Luke handle it. He's doing much better than I would. I'm sure I'd be fine,'s terribly hard! He is a very brave and patient little boy. Pappaw and Mammaw are very proud of him.

I love the fact that Drew and Evan look so much alike but have such distinct personalities. You can't help but love them. Wow! They are amazing.

You all have taught me so much. I love reading your sight!
God bless and thanks!

gracesown said...

p.s. Hooray for Grey's Anatomy!!!

Angela said...

hey! thanks for the link to your blog.. and in turn, everyone else's.