Friday, September 22, 2006

Bully Update 2 after the kicking in the face incident, I called the teacher. It must have been Wednesday morning. Luke's teacher said I wasn't the first parent to call about this child. I assured her that I would not be one of "those" parents that called about everything because, as a teacher, I know she can't see everything at one time...

Well, on Wednesday night, my sister-in-law asked if anything new had happened. I explained briefly and in "code" because all the kids were around... :) (You know that adult code we use...) She said, "Just to warn you, my kids invited those two kids (meaning the bully and the brother) to church tonight." I told her I'd be fine. I'm a teacher. I see this all the time, right?

So it gets time for worship and we are waiting on the sound man and powerpoint guy to finish tweaking. We have about 2 minutes, so I walked off the stage and up the child to cover their eyes with my hands. I whispered down next to the right ear, "Hello, do you know who this is?" The child froze. All the other kids at the table knew what was going on. They knew Luke had trouble at school. Luke was grinning from ear to ear! I uncovered the eyes and leaned down around so that I could be seen. I whispered, "I know what you have done at school during recess to Luke. Don't you think it is a little mean? (shakes head yes) Do you think you could be a big kid since you are now in kindergarten and treat Luke like Jesus treats him? (shakes head yes again) I would be sooooo proud of you if you did that." That's all I said. I stood upright, looked at the kids at the table and made some general comment like, "You guys ready to sing? I picked some songs I'm going to need you to sing REALLY loud on because I know you know them and not everyone in here does. Can you help me with that?" blah blah blah...

Then I patted the bully on the back and said, "I'm so glad you came tonight." Inside, I was screaming, "LEAVE MY LUKE ALONE! HE'S TWICE YOUR SIZE AND COULD KNOCK YOU FLAT ON YOUR BUTT! HE PRACTICES ON HIS BROTHERS EVERY DAY!" But I practiced a little of that self-control that Luke has shown me through this.

Two days later, I'm happy to report Luke has had no incidents at recess. Thank You, God! I'm sure this is the first of many times I will want to spank someone else's kids.... HA!

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