Thursday, September 14, 2006

Go to Lowe's

Well, the neverending saga of misfortune is still running full gear at the Monize Homestead.

Our washer and dryer are brand new, as of Feb. 24, 2006. I know this date because it has been told to me so many times in the past 2 weeks, it's ridiculous. It was a week ago on Monday night that I was doing my evening ritual of laundry. With six people in a house, it is very important that I do at least two loads a day to keep up. I usually do one load in the morning and one load in the evening. As we were getting ready to wind down the evening, we noticed the flood of water from the washer in the kitchen. We got all the mess that we could, and I said that the following day (Tuesday), I would call Best Buy. After all, the washer IS under warranty. When I called I was slightly disappointed that they said the soonest they could have it serviced was last Saturday. That meant 5 days without being able to do you can see, that was about 10 loads I would be behind. Besides the fact that we would be swimming in dirty towells and other clothes, I was very upset that I could not get the carpet cleaned in that room until after Saturday.

We managed, and on Saturday, the technician called when he said he would, he showed up 15 minutes early. Things were going ok. He watched it run without clothes, and there wasn't a single drop of water. So, he laid on my wet floor with the front panel off the bottom of the washer and watched a load of clothes from beginning to end. No drips anywhere. He decided after looking at my detergent that it was because I was using a cap full of detergent. (Heaven forbid! Apparently the cap is for aesthetics only, because when you have a high effeciency washing machine, you really only need 1/2 a cap. And in my case, since I have All 3X Concentrated, I was instructed to use just 1/3 of the cap.) So all was well, and he went on his way at no cost to me.

I started catching up on the loads and loads of dirty clothes. It was about 1 PM. At 8 PM, Chad walked through the kitchen, that I have since dubbed Best Buy Creek. It had leaked again, and so I immediately called Best Buy. They said there was no way they could have any technician to my house until today, Thursday. UGH! 5 more days!!!!!! With what I had done that day, that means I would be approximately 12 - 13 loads of laundry behind AGAIN!!! I was NOT happy, but what could I do?

That night, while Chad and I laid in bed, I heard something, and thought it sounded like water running. I asked Chad if he had turned on the washer before he went to bed. I was amazed that he would after all this...he answered that he hadn't. I walked out, and there were suds all over the room. The creek was on the rise! I was very upset. Not only was the floor getting soaked for a third time, I could NOT get the washer to stop, turn off, or the door to open!! It was possessed. Chad unplugged it, but that locked the door with the clothes that were still in it from the first flood - I guess I had forgotten about them. So the next morning, I cautiously plugged it back in and got the door unlocked. Those clothes are now dry. So much for the too-much-detergent theory.

Now it was Sunday, and I was kind of out of luck. We were getting ready for church, and after I showered, Chad jumped in. When we were done, I was in front of the mirror or something and Chad asked what that was by the toilet, had the kids spilled a drink? No. They hadn't had breakfast or any red drink for a long time. Red drinks are evil. Well, their staining power is...It literally looked like something of blood's consistency and COLOR was oozing from the base of the toilet. Remember from the previous posts that EVERYTHING in there is brand new!!!! This has since happened one more time, and we don't know what it is...but it REALLY does look like a horror movie is happening in there...back to the washer.

Well, as unhappy as I was, I took today off work and waited. The technician was supposed to call between 7 and 9 AM. No call. I called in. He was supposed to call back. There was some kind of note in the system that he may not be able to keep the appointment, but they would get to the bottom of it and call me back. 3 PM. No call back. I called...I was furious. I had taken a day off work. Now they were saying they didn't know where the technician was and that they weren't sure he could make it at all but that he had an opening on SATURDAY!!! I told them I wasn't changing my plans again because of their irresponsibility and lack of communication. In the mean time, my kitchen floor is not fixed and we PROBABLY will have water damage. We are getting a $100 gift card from Best Buy, but that is a drop in the bucket if the kitchen floor rots out...not to mention the smell of mildew and mold in the house. Safe, huh? I am so angry with Best Buy right now.

My advice? Go to Lowe's. In the mean time, I am borrowing several people's washers and dryers tonight to try to get some stuff done. Well...there was the buzzer. Time to start another load.


Eric and Kendra said...

Oh Michelle! We have so been in similar situations. It is completely frustrating! I hope it gets worked out soon!

gracesown said...

If only you could count on the water to be clean. With all of those suds, it could become a great bathtime for the boys! Not so good for the floor...but great for pre-bedtime activities. Now if you could just find a great recipe for suds soup (since your washer/dryer is adjacent to your kitchen!) Hang in there!

Kris & Megan Hutsell said...

I feel so bad for you guys. What is the red stuff? That's just freaky. Seriously, You need to have your pastor out and anoint your home with oil or something.
Oh, and make a call to the BBB about Best Buy if they suck that bad!

Todd & Micah said...
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Todd & Micah said...

I'm with Meg; anoint that house now. It's like poltergeist in there!

worshipful1 said...

oh come watch too much TV!!!

(I wonder if the deleted comment was a visitor from the other side who is making our toilet bleed....HA!)