Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Time for a picture update!!!!!

This was at Luke, Drew, and Evan's birthday party. Their friend, Taylor, is behind Luke. Notice they are sporting their alter egos on their shirts. When they play, they use superhero names. If you ask them ANYTHING about what they want for gifts or how they are going to play, the answers are ALWAYS about these 3 superheroes!

Luke's first day of Kindergarten. You can feel the excitement, can't ya!!??

For his birthday, Luke wanted a guitar, and Daddy had to oblige! :) Luke can already play a few chords, like E and A...and if you know ANYTHING about guitar playing, what else do you need besides E and A??? :)

This is Gabriel with his "security banana." By the time he dinally gave up on it, it was definitely dirty and blackened. He curled up with it and fell asleep!

Our picnic table.

More "security banana."

Our tent. The front has a "screened-in" area. There are two rooms in the back.

This was one Sunday on the way to church. Drew is the twin leaning up. Evan is in yellow. Gabriel in white and Luke in orange.

They are pretty cute, if I do say so myself!


Holly said...

Girl, you've got your hands full of cuteness. What a joy boys are. And aren't built in car seats just the worlds greatest invention????

Audrey said...

i LOVE picture updates :)

worshipful1 said...

gotta love that built in car seat!

gracesown said...

We know they're ornery, but they're so cute too! Could they be any more adorable?