Friday, September 15, 2006

reality check

One of my little 2nd graders came up to me a few minutes ago and said, "Mrs. Montize," (he says it wrong...has been ever since 1st grade) "I am doing my very best today." I said, "I know you have, Sweetheart. I can tell. You have been paying attention and following directions. I am proud of you." He answered with, "Yeah. You know why? My mom is coming home tonight!" Completely unaware, I said, "That's great! Where has she been?" I was expecting an answer like a business trip or grandma's house or maybe even the hospital....but I got this: Dylan put his eyes down and said really softly, "Prison."

Instant reality check and lump in my throat.

As cheerfully as I could, I said, "Oh honey, that is wonderful. I bet you are really happy! She's going to be so proud of you when you tell her that you were so good in music today." He then proceeded to tell me that she had been gone since (are you ready for this???) his 7th birthday. She was actually put there ON his birthday.

Upon further investigation, I found out that last school year, his dad was in prison as well...but he is home now.

My heart breaks for these little ones.

Their kitchen floor may be soggy (see previous post), but their father and I are still living with them and married and they have clothes and food and a church family and fantastic grandparents/ kids are fortunate...even living in a tiny bedroom that doesn't hold all their toys and clothes...even without a big backyard to play in...

Thank You, God, for my current situation...that my children are well-dressed and well-fed, and that I can be with them.


I was gone yesterday from school because of the washer ordeal and stuff, today I found out after school that one of the teachers that works here with me delivered her baby about 4 months early, and he was stillborn.

Father, forgive me when I am ungrateful.

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Dan & Angie said...

Part 1: What a story. Lump in our throats too ...

Part 2: We know how that feels. Our heart aches for others who've been through the same. If not for our faith in Christ, we can't imagine how you could get through it ...