Monday, July 09, 2007

Update on my dad...and NEICE :)

My dad is still in the hospital and will be there until at least Wednesday of this week.

Tuesday he will have a tissue biopsy done because the doctors have found a mass on his pancreas a little larger than a golf ball. Whatever this is has spread to his liver as well. Please pray that they will find that this is only an infection and not cancer (especially not pancreatic cancer). Since it's in the liver, the news of cancer would not be good.

Please pray for our family. Dad could really use the prayers. He will also have a heart cath some time this week. If this is cancer, the doctor wants to make sure that his heart as strong as possible.

ON THE OTHER HAND our family has a huge praise!!

Todd (my brother) and his wife, Micah, had their baby girl...I would give you the details...especially her name!! but I can't because I think they should announce it on their check it out! (But they hadn't put it on there as of today when I posted this entry.)

Thank you for your prayers for my dad and visits and offers to help!


a u d r e y said...

congrats on being an aunt!! thats so exciting :)

praying for you guys!!
love ya!

Brandon said...

Todd sent me a picture y-day of the baby and she is cute! I came to your blog to see if you had a picture or more updates cause I know Todd and Micah are really busy ... then my heart just sank when I read about your dad. I am praying for him!!!!