Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Small victories count too! :)

Praise God for the small victories! We are happy to say that at the same time the prayer meeting at church was being held tonight, my dad was told that the stuff in his brain was NOT cancer!! SO PRAYER DOES WORK!! KEEP IT COMING! They are going to change his blood thinner to cumadin and hopefully get the clotting under control. Once the clotting is controlled, he can start chemo treatments. I am overwhelmed with the amount of prayers and support we are getting! Thank you all so much!

Please pray that Todd, Micah, and Grace will arrive safely. They started the drive at about 12:30 AM and we expect them to be home in the middle of the night.

Thanks for everything!

(don't forget the's been really uplifting! thanks to all!)


Kendra said...

Michelle...I updated Eric on your Dad tonight (he's not the best at reading blogs. Seriously, he never even writes in his own blog. ;)). Please know that we are praying for all of you, your dad, you, your boys, and your entire family. I'm glad to hear about the victory today. On another note...Did you seriously have a pet lobster? If so, then you are the first pet lobster owner I haver ever known.

Kris & Megan said...

Michelle, thanks for keeping us posted on everything that's happening. Could you also let us know if Micah and Todd got there safely? My dad didn't even know they were making the trip. Thanks!