Saturday, August 12, 2006

"When I Grow Up..."

Today as we were having one of my favorite dinners (breakfast for dinner with eggs and pancakes...mmm), I was sitting next to Gabriel and the boys started in talking. It went a little like this...

Drew: How do you mate (make) pantates, mommy?
Me: Well, it's not that hard...some time I will show you how. You'll be pretty good at it.
Drew: My tan't wait to be a drown (grown) up and det bidder (get bigger) so my tan mate pantates.
Me: When you grow up you will all be able to make pancakes or whatever you want for dinner. And you will all have your own house....and you will marry a girl...and you can stay up as late as you want...
Evan: And we tan have our own plates! And tups (cups)!
Drew: YAY! Tups!
Luke: And we can make cookies whenever we want and watch movies and stay up late.
Drew: And we will have our own stuff - like touches! (couches)
Evan: And toys!
Luke: We won't have toys....but we will have our own rooms...well...sort of.
Me: What do you mean "sort of?"
Luke: Well, we will marry girls and we will sleep with them.
Me: (somewhat more alert at this point) Oh. Well you don't do that unless you get married.
Evan: Yeah. First you det married and then you det babies.
Drew: Like Mommy and Daddy. Mommy ate us.
Me: What?
Drew: You ate us!
Luke: (Laughing) No she didn't!
Drew: Uh huh!
Me: Drew, I would never eat you!
Drew: Then how tome we were in your tummy?
Me: Because God put you there to grow until you were ready for the doctor to take you out.
Evan: And we dot bidder and bidder and bidder and her tummy exploded.
Me: It definitely felt that way!
Luke: You silly goose, (to Evan and Drew) she didn't eat us. When the mommmy and the daddy decide to have a baby, they tell God and then God puts a baby in the mommy's tummy.
Me: Right.
Luke: But when I grow up I am going to stay up llllaaaaattee!!!!
Me: That's fine. But you will have to have a job to pay your bills. What will you be?
Evan: Superman!
Drew: Batman!
Luke: can't be Superman and Batman. They aren't real. (Shakes his head at me and rolls his eyes) I want to be an ice cream guy.
Me: What do you mean?
Luke: I want to make ice cream.
Me: I hope that is enough to pay your bills.
Evan: What bills?
Me: Like for water and electricity and groceries.
Drew: We will have our own droceries?!?!
Me: Yep! But you have to be able to pay for them.
Drew: My will have my own cereal! And my own room. And no dirls! (girls) Yuck!

Somewhere in there was the part where we talked about how it didn't matter what you had or did as long as you were living the way Jesus wants you to live and being his friend...

Then it was pretty much time for a bath for all of them....sticky syrup! Their conversations
amaze me every day!


Dan & Angie said...

Oh Michelle - Angie's dad and his wife are here ... we ready your conversation out loud and laughed HARD. Great post!

Dan & Angie said...

oops - we READ your conversation ... my fingers didn't do quite what my brain intended.

audrey said...

lol!! that was the cutest thing ever!! i miss them :(

Tony Myles said...

I wub kidz werds.

Jim and Jaena said...

This was too funny and so cute! You did a great job capturing the way kids talk! :)