Saturday, August 26, 2006

That which is Sacred

I have become a firm believer in holding dear that which is sacred...maybe in some cases not soon enough...

What is sacred?

The Word of God
The marriage covenant
The role of a parent
The witness to others
The worship of God
Time spent with God
Time spent with family
Learning from a wise confidant
Fellowship with believers

When someone messes with any one of these, I find myself raging against him...or her. I can't control the anger or let it go.

I want to shout from the top of my lungs and depth of my being: LEAVE IT ALONE! Don't stand in the way of me and...

My time reading the Word
My relationship with my husband
My guidance of my children
My witness
My time or ability to worship
My time alone...just me and my Maker
My time spent with family
My ability to seek counsel
My gathering with Christian friends

I don't understand why people who claim to be Christians mess with any of these things.

Why would you continually seek to meddle or even to "innocently" stand by if you knew it was hindering a fellow believer...when you claim to be one yourself?

Have you ever tried to let something go but found that you just couldn't? The more you try, the more it creeps back in to your life. The more you pray, the more it insists on rearing its ugly head. The more you try to ignore it or put it behind you, the more Satan sets it right in front of your face.

I realize many of you have NO idea what I am talking about...but suffice it to say that I have prayed and prayed for peace about this thing in my life...that God would take it away...that the one causing it would move away or figure it out and quit!...that somehow I could move past it. It's been a long time, and I am tired of carrying it.

Matthew 11:28....I have to give my burden over to Him and let Him carry it. I have to take on His yoke. I have to stay steadfast and think about the things that God will use to bring me closer to Him - or the things that bring my family closer to Him.

Someday it will all be washed away...

I want that perfect peace that passes my understanding....I want to be wrapped in His arms and comforted by His Word. I want to feel safe. I want to be understood and respected.

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Kris & Megan Hutsell said...

Michelle, I may not know what the situation is that you're facing but I totally understand trying to let something go and it won't go away. I've been facing a trial for over a year and a half and just when I think it's under control, it attacks again. I deal with it everyday. I sometimes wish all it took was a smack to the face to wake people up. Maybe I'm the one that's need a good smack! Your words are an encouragement to me. Thanks.