Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday oddities

1. I have missed an entire week of work. two snow days and two family illness days. What will my classes be like when I get back? hmmm...

2. I received an emergency phone call from the Kokomo Police Department. Apparently a 16-year old boy wearing a black hoodie and jeans with dark hair was last seen at 2:30 this afternoon and needs medical attention. I am to report any person fitting the description in my area. I'm to check my back yard and out-buildings. That took all of 2 seconds.... :)

3. I was asked to complete a survey and read a free magazine for which I will get free groceries. We'll see...I'm a skeptic.

4. I currently have all 4 boys sitting in what the world calls "time out" - they are truly on a couch cushion because if they wander from their own cushion they will touch someone and that will be trouble. All I know is that a few minutes ago I heard a big bang while I was on the phone and the contents of an entire shelf were on the which when I walked in the room, Luke pointed at his brothers and said "They told me to throw it." It ALWAYS happens when you are on the phone. Future parents, mark my words.

5. Our tv is dying. You'll be watching and out of the blue, no sound. It has been steadily getting worse...The only remedy seems to be pounding the thing on top.

6. We are getting a HUGE tax refund, PRAISE JESUS! Having 4 children and paying an arm and a leg on childcare each year has it's ups! We are hoping to catch up all bills - pay off all medical bills - and maybe get our house ready to put up for sale. That's the goal...we'll see what God has for us!


Kris & Megan Hutsell said...

I love all my little tax exemptions!

Freaky said...

Check your back yard again.... I think I saw someone.