Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I purposely am writing BEFORE watching my recorded episode of American Idol because I don't want to be depressed that Sanjaya remains....although I got a very encouraging text from Micah stating he sang pretty badly...so there's THAT good news. :)

Sunday afternoon was a little chilly....and very windy. The wind and temperature didn't stop my boys from wanting to play outside, no doubt from the glare of sunshine pouring in to the living room windows. After trying (unsuccessfully) to get the older three to take the ritualistic Sunday afternoon nap, I gave up and let them enjoy the fresh air. After all, it had been so long since the sun had graced our presence.

It wasn't long before my husband joined the troop outdoors with baseball bats and gloves in hand. I didn't notice them for a few minutes. After I finished a project I have meant to do for a while, I sat down on the couch, fully intending on cashing in on about 40 winks, as I do whenever I can on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I sat down on the couch, turned the drone of Nascar racing (thankfully) off, and leaned my head back to rest. Just over the whirring of the dryer in the other room, I heard laughter. It was enough to make me turn my head and look out between the blinds.

Then I saw Drew and Evan tumbling over each other after racing for a ball that must have been hit by their bigger brother, Luke. As they wriggled and giggled, I instanatly smiled, so thankful for the big back yard.

I continued watching the rowdiness that is my children with their father, an even bigger child at heart, if that's possible. I was overwhelmed by delight....flooded with love for all of them.....consumed by pure happiness. A happiness that I hadn't sat back and relished in for such a long time. For an instant, I felt guilty for not choosing to be this content and joyful on a daily basis. The roar of Chad's laughter at the sight of flailing little boy limbs and clumsy awkward catches snapped me back to reality.

All at once, I was determined to join. Shaking my head as I got up off the couch at the thought of passing up a quiet house ready for napping, I almost ran to my closet to grab a sweatshirt and tennis shoes.

I walked out the back door to find their game of choice changed to kickball and yelled out, "Okay. Drew, Evan, Gabriel and me against Daddy and Luke!" It was the best day I think I have ever had.


Anonymous said...

The Lord is so good!
Love you,
:) :) :)

Auds said...

michelle, you still havent posted pics of the house!! u need to update this thing! :)