Saturday, April 22, 2006

Meet the fam part 2

Evan - red, Luke - green, Drew - orange, Gabriel - blue


Jenn Swift said...

Girl, you've got your hands full with those boys!!! Man are they good lookin'!

This is Carin's blog which she hasn't updated in ages, but can give you an update - . She and Matt just had their second child - Silas -and Ian (2 1/2) is awesome. I don't have her e-mail off hand, but I'll call her today to get it. My e-mail is - that way we don't have to communcate just through blogs! :) Although it is fun!

Jenn Swift said...

oh, also, I just read on Dan and Angie's blog that you're a fan of LOST. This show is going to be the death of me. Creepy Henry Gale, the hatch's map, Michael returning, the episode that made me cry with the plane and Eko. I can't cope. They get us so hooked, give us reruns and now we're near the season finale... this sucks. I love this show.